GENIA FESTIVAL: Break the Record!


Today (15/11) Phionsoft Studios in collaboration with G-Fest (Genia Festival) would like to break the MURI record. MURI is the same thing as Guinness Book of Record but its only affect in Indonesia region.

What we were breaking?

Genia Festival BannerThis event gathers around 1.500 people in one building. IT Telkom’s GSG was chosen to be the site. At the same time, these people connect to the net via a hotspot network (most likely using a Speedy connection) and do posting in their own Blog. Well, I’m proud I can represent Phionsoft Studios at this event. The rules itself state that we must post about five posting in total (this is for the minimum amount). Actually I’d like to give more post since there will be a reward for those who have the most post in total, but to keep a coherent matter in the Phionsoft Studio’s site I’m thinking twice to do that. And because it was stated in the rules, for the next post titles I’ll add the “GENIA FESTIVAL” keywords before the actual title, thanks for your understanding.

About Genia Festival

GENIA have the meaning of “Gema Anak Informatika seluruh Indonesia” (Indonesia’s Informatics student resonance) before, and then change its name to “Gema Informatika” (Informatics Resonance) so that this event hold all the informatics element as for IT Telkom students as good as the non-IT Telkom.

Festival, derived from Latin’s word “festa” or party in English. Festival often means “Big Party”. GENIA Festival (G-Fest) has the meaning that GENIA is the Party (or I could say Big Party) for the entire Informatics element.

The event concludes these major groups:

  • Information Technology Conference
  • Information Technology Festival
  • Information Technology Camp
  • Information Technology Contest
  • Information Technology Party
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2009/11/15 Sunday 2:46 pm
Casual programmer, nightly Illustrator, moderate composer, and a Japanese pop culture observer from Indonesia. Project Leader for Phionsoft Studios which developing and researching Visual Novel. 日本のポップカルチャーのオブザーバー。Phionsoft Studiosのプロジェクトリーダー。
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